Potential Customer Impacts

Our standard units are being shipped generally within 4-5 weeks. Special order and custom units presently have a shipping lead time of 10-12 weeks. Customers might experience a delay due to supply chain and shipping delays.


Dear Grand Entry Doors Customers,

We continue to monitor current events in the U.S. and abroad, and as a matter of transparency want to inform our customers and potential customers of how those events might impact your order and delivery. We understand your frustration if there are delays, and when they occur, we become frustrated, too. We want you to feel confident that we are doing everything we can to mitigate any delays while we continue to provide you with the best service.

Overall, we have yet to experience any significant issues in our service and delivery to our customers, but that is not to say we are insulated from issues that are occurring around the country. Below is a list of current events we are monitoring. These events are impacting every industry in the U.S. We continue to monitor these issues and events and seek alternatives to mitigate them the best we can. 

Our standard units are being shipped generally within 4-5 weeks. Special order and custom units presently have a shipping lead time of 10-12 weeks. Customers might experience a delay due to supply chain and shipping delays.

We take great comfort in our service-oriented team and our compassionate, loyal customers. You can count on us to continue to do our best keeping you informed and provide the highest level of communication and flexibility as any situations impacting your orders arise. You may contact us by phone at 704-912-1280 or via email at if you have any questions or concerns about availability or lead times.

Thank you for being part of the Grand Entry Doors family.


Grand Entry Doors


Below is a list of events that are impacting all industries across the United States. Out of interest for our own customers we have published this list of concerns not only as they relate to our own products and deliveries, but as general information regarding the state of shipping and logistics globally. This list is not unique to Grand Entry Doors and our suppliers.

Growing Congestion In China's Port City's Due To New COVID-19 Outbreaks 

The container shipping industry and global supply chain from China are facing a fresh challenge due to a disruption at Yantian and the neighboring Shekou ports in southern China near Hong Kong. The province is facing increased restrictions, which are impacting port operations at one of China’s busiest export terminals, due to newly reported cases on COVID-19. The increased measures began in late May after cases of the COVID-19 virus were diagnosed among workers within the port. Chinese and port officials implemented stringent restrictions and disinfection routines and this week it appeared that the situation might be improving. Port officials said export would resume from the terminals, although with continuing restrictions. All the major container shipping companies in recent days have warned customers of disruptions to the flow of containers through the port.

Supplies and materials (glass, etc.) used by our manufacturers are often imported. While we can't say for sure these ports are impacting our deliveries yet, we are expecting other areas to become congested as a result. As a broad concern, consumers should expect delays and shortages of many consumer goods and products in the coming months.

Closure of the I-40 Hernando de Soto Bridge

The May 11, 2021 closure of the Hernando de Soto Bridge, a vital bridge that runs over the Mississippi River and connects Tennessee and Arkansas, is sparking concerns about potential shipping delays across the country. This is closure is a result of the discovery of a large crack in the bridge. Shutting down the I-40 Hernando de Soto Bridge is considered a major disrupter to the supply chain. Not only is it affecting freight traffic on the highway, but barge traffic on the Mississippi River is shut down in Memphis. More than 400 trucking companies operate out of Memphis. It's one of three us cities served by five class 1 railroads. Memphis is also the 4th largest inland port in the United States, and right now, river traffic is shut down - leaving tugboats and barges stuck with no where to go. The area is the “third heaviest freight corridor in the country,” and the shutdown could lead to delays in fulfilling online orders and restocking store shelves across all industries. See the Arkansas Department of Transportation website for more information and updates.

As of June 6, traffic remains detoured in this area.

We are monitoring our shipments and working with our freight provider to seek alternative routes. Regardless of the solutions provided, we expect delays in delivery where this area is a critical part of the route.

Fuel Shortages

Rising fuel outages along the east coast following the May 6, 2021 ransomware attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies more than 45% of the fuel to the east coast, are causing delays and taxing logistics networks nationwide. Consumer panic-buying threatens to exacerbate the supply shock. The Colonial Pipeline is expecting to restore service by the week ending May 14th, but delays in the logistics networks should be expected well beyond.

We continue to monitor our customer deliveries daily and are in constant contact with our freight providers.

Freight Volume

The COVID-19 pandemic has created record-breaking shipment volumes. As more people shop online to avoid crowds in stores, those numbers have grown even more. This has created shipping volumes, driver shortages, etc. that are taxing logistics networks nationwide, which may cause delays for customers across all industries.

We continue to work with our freight and logistics providers to provide the best routes for deliveries to best mitigate delays.

West Coast Shipping Port Crisis

We, as well as much of the U.S., rely on materials and supplies that are imported from other countries. Supplies critical for our products such as glass and hardware are often imported from suppliers around the world. The critical shipping ports on the west coast are experiencing heavy shortages of equipment and labor needed to unload the ships at the port.

The U.S. is facing a supply-chain crisis as container ships sit anchored off ports unable to unload freight in a timely manner. The wholesale shift in spending by homebound consumers from travel and entertainment to home improvement has overwhelmed the capacity of the end-to-end system. Containers have been unable to be quickly offloaded and moved through terminals and then unloaded at jam-packed distribution centers, which has slowed down repositioning of containers back to Asia, reducing the capacity of the entire system.

Our suppliers are seeking and implementing alternative shipping routes to mitigate this.

Our Response To COVID-19

Your health and safety are our top priorities and at the forefront of every decision we make. Now more than ever, it's critical that we do our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of the steps we are taking. 

  • We are working tirelessly to make sure that your orders are delivered in the safest way possible.
  • We are diligently following guidance and best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • As an online retailer we are already accustomed to working remotely while providing best-in-class customer service. As always, our concierge team is here to provide high-touch customer service and expert advice, process quotation and order requests, respond to inquiries, etc. We pride ourselves in our swift responsiveness to our customers’ needs and we assure you that will remain. For immediate questions, call us at 704-912-1280 or email
  • We are in frequent communications with our valued suppliers and freight delivery providers to ensure that we will have no interruptions in our business and service to you as our customer. Should we experience any interruptions, we will notify you as soon as we become aware.

Regarding Delays in Delivery

Per our Terms of Sale, Grand Entry Doors is not to be accountable or liable for delays in delivery or other failures in performance occasioned by acts of God, political/social unrest, acts or threats of terrorism, computer or electronic interruptions, failure of its suppliers to ship or deliver on time, or other circumstances beyond Grand Entry Doors’ reasonable control. Factory shipment or delivery dates are the best estimates of Grand Entry Doors and its suppliers and are not guaranteed.

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