Wood Doors

Grand Entry Doors offers a variety of in-stock exterior and entry wood doors. Our stunning collection of wooden doors is eye-catching and adds character and style to your home.

Our wooden doors offer a wide range of glass options, door sizes and configurations, including single doors, double doors, arch top double doors, doors with sidelights, as well as hardware finishes, and wood species such as mahogany and knotty alder.

Our beautiful collection of wood entry doors features true divided lite (TDL) double pane, insulated Low E Glass that provides natural light to your home, while still providing energy and thermal efficiency. With a wide range of solid wood exterior doors, from classic to modern options, we give you the flexibility to create the exact wood doors of your dreams. We are confident you will find the perfect style to reflect your vision.

Our Selection 

Our Wood Door Construction


Our wood doors are a rail and stile construction with an engineered stave core design. A stave core is made from a series of hardwood blocks that are glued together in an alternating pattern to form a compact and durable core.

This construction method results in a door that is stronger and more stable than solid wood doors. The core of the wood doors is then finished with a mahogany or knotty alder solid wood veneer, providing a beautiful and natural look that is sure to enhance the appearance of your home.

The solid wood veneer is carefully applied to the door, ensuring a seamless and consistent appearance.

Our doors feature true divided lite (TDL) double pane, insulated Low E Glass that increases natural light in your home, while still providing safety, security, and energy & thermal efficiency to help maintain a comfortable interior. Each wooden front door is shown with its available stock glass options.


The Wood Species We Use



We use an African Mahogany (Okoume) for our wood front doors. This wood species has a light pink to light brown color with a straight and uniform grain. Mahogany is a beautiful, eye-catching wood known for its durability and strength. It has a medium hardness and high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it an excellent choice for any exterior doors. Because of the mahogany wood’s light color, it is easy to stain yourwood doors in a wide array of colors.


Knotty Alder

Knotty alder is a hardwood that is popular due to its light color and rustic appearance. The wood profile has visible knots and streaks throughout. Knotty Alder is a popular wood entry door for homes that have a rustic, Mediterranean or cottage feel. It gives a lot of flexibility when choosing the color of your stain as the wood absorbs different color stains very well, with astain gradethat preserves the natural beauty and grain pattern.

Our Handleset Preparation Options

When choosing a handle and lock for a wood front door you want it to be stylish and secure. We provide options to prepare your door for either a tubular or multipoint locking system. When selecting your door's handleset and locking hardware, it’s important to know the difference between a tubular lock and a multipoint or triple lock and what impact each has on the door.


Double Bore for Handleset & Deadbolt

We offer a standard, double bore preparation for your tubular or cylinder door handles. We bore at a 2-3/8” backset as a standard with the holes prepped 5-1/2” center-to-center. This is a popular option for customers who want to use a standard thumb latch and deadbolt style handleset for wooden entry doors or those who want to use electronic smart lock options. This will work with the majority of off-the-shelf handlesets that are readily available through hardware manufacturers such as Emtek, Baldwin, Schlage, Kwikset, etc.


Multipoint Locking

Multipoint locking offers both a premium look and feel to your door’s locking capabilities, as well as additional stability and security. Multipoint locking differs from standard tubular handlesets because it offers multiple points for latching the door. These latches are positioned at the top, middle, and bottom of the door and operate simultaneously when the door is closed. Additionally, there is a deadbolt that is engaged when the door is locked. This is a great locking option for taller or oversized solid wood front doors.

Available Sizes

Our collection of stunning doors made from wood is available in stock sizes.

Configuration Available Sizes
Single Wood Front Doors 2’6” x 6’8” | 2’8” x 6’8” | 3’0” x 6’8” | 2’6” x 8’0” | 2’8” x 8’0” | 3’0” x 8’0”
42” Single Front Entry Doors 3’6” x 8’0”
Front Doors with Sidelights 3’0” x 6’8” with 1’0” sidelights | 3’0” x 8’0” with 1’0” sidelights
42” Front Doors with Sidelights 3’6” x 8’0” with 1’0” sidelights
Single Entry Doors with Sidelights and Transom 3’0” x 6’8” with 1’0” sidelights and 1’0” 5 Lite Transom | 3’0” x 8’0” with 1’0” sidelights and 1’0” 5 Lite Transom
Arch Top Single Doors 3’0” x 8’0” | 3’6” x 8’0”
Half-Round Single Entry Doors 3’6” x 8’0” | 3’6” x 8’0”
Double Entry Doors 5’0” x 6’8” | 5’4” x 6’8” | 6’0” x 6’8” | 5’0” x 8’0” | 5’4” x 8’0” | 6’0” x 8’0” | 7'0" x 8'0"
Arch Top Double Entry Doors 5’0” x 6’8” | 5’4” x 6’8” | 6’0” x 6’8” | 5’0” x 8’0” | 5’0” x 8’0” | 5’4” x 8’0” | 6’0” x 8’0”
Half-Round Double Entry Doors 5’0” x 6’8” | 5’4” x 6’8” | 6’0” x 6’8” | 5’0” x 8’0” | 5’4” x 8’0” | 6’0” x 8’0”
Double Entry Doors with Transom 6’0” x 6’8” with 1'0" 5 Lite Transom | 6’0” x 8’0” with 1'0" 5 Lite Transom
Double Entry Doors with Sidelights 12" Sidelights30" Fixed Panel Sidelights32" Fixed Panel Sidelights36" Fixed Panel Sidelights 5’0” x 6’8” | 5’4” x 6’8” | 6’0” x 6’8” | 5’0” x 8’0” | 5’4” x 8’0” | 6’0” x 8’0”
Custom Doors We offer a full custom door design and build service. Custom doors can be designed to fit your unique vision and needs. 

Why Buy A Wood Door From Us?

Are you searching for new doors full of character and style to complement your home's design? At Grand Entry Doors, we're much more than just a source for beautiful, custom quality doors for your home. Here, you'll find the inspiration needed to transform your home's entry. Whether it be one of our many styles of the highest quality wood entry doors or custom wood doors to fit your unique needs; we're here to make your home's entry grand.

We are experts in wooden front doors and custom entry door design. We offer both mahogany and knotty alder wood doors which can be purchased from our collection of in-stock doors or custom designed for your home. Our exterior wood doors are constructed of the highest-quality materials, allowing us to offer our customers the best selection of wooden doors for sale at the right price.

1. Our doors are securely shipped directly to your home or jobsite anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States
2. We offer a wide variety of in-stock doors available for quick ship
3. We source only the highest quality wood and glass options available for entry doors
4. We have a full-service custom door design and construction service to suit your unique needs
5. We offer high-touch customer service with expert advice to guide your purchase experience
6. We offer only top-quality entry doors at the best prices