Signs you need to replace your entry door

Signs you need to replace your entry door

Published by Kevin on Nov 4th 2018

How do you know it is time to replace your front door? Is it beyond repair? Is a new finish all it need? Will replacing the weather stripping be enough to keep that drafty cold air out? There are some clear signs:

  • The most noticeable sign is wood rot. Any signs of rot will usually be found near the bottom of the door jamb where you might find softening areas of the wood or flaking paint.
  • With worn out weather stripping you will start to feel air coming in from around the perimeter of the door.
  • Cracks in the panels can be bad enough that you can see light coming through.
  • After a while, the finish on any door with direct sun exposure will start to fade or peel.

While any of the above signs might concern you and you can address each individually, the big event that will cause concern is rising heating and electric costs. Once the door is no longer keeping out the heat and cold and it has lost its insulation capabilities, it is time to replace it. A door not only adds beauty, curb appeal and provides safety, it is also a big factor for energy efficiency in your home.

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