What To Expect When Working With Us

What To Expect When Working With Us

Published by Kevin on Sep 9th 2021

Our goal is to provide the best services, expert advice, and the best selection of doors to fit our customers' needs. Every project is different. Some are straightforward and some require additional steps to get through the process. Whether simple or more complex we will always work with our customers to determine what will work best for their project. We aim to avoid errors and mistakes made when ordering that result in returns, reprocessing time, etc. become frustrating and time-consuming for all. We are always very respectful to our customers throughout the process and provide expert advice, and high-touch service when working with our customers.

When contacting us, whether by phone, contact form, email or quote request we have a few basic steps and questions we always ask. First, we determine the type of project the customer is pursuing. They typically fall into one of three categories, 1) New construction, Replacement as Part of a Remodel, or a Replacement Door Only. The considerations for each are different.

Next, we discuss and determine if our door is a proper fit for the customer’s installation and environment. We review things like having a proper overhang to protect a wood door from the elements. We also discuss requirements that might exist for DP ratings, impact ratings if the customer lives in a coastal area for example.

Once these determine the project type and suitability of the door, we can focus on the actual requirements; most important the size. The size will help us determine whether a standard unit will work, whether we can modify a standard unit (trimming width and/or height), or if a custom sized unit needs to be fabricated. On a new construction project we often provide the rough opening as a basis for determining fit. We can also provide the frame size, and outside brickmould dimensions. On a replacement as part of a remodel, we verify the scope of the project to determine how best to guide our customers and their contractor. On a pure replacement door project, we find that the majority of homeowners are not familiar enough with the terminology and requirements, and we often request they defer to their professional installation contractor to ensure a proper fit. Here are a few definitions so we can ensure we have those aligned when discussing.

  1. Door Size (Common Size). This is the size of the door panel(s) without the jambs/frame (i.e. 3/0 X 6/8, 3'0" X 6'8", or 36" X 80")
  2. Rough Opening: The opening in the wall where the door unit is to be installed. Rough openings are larger than the unit's frame size to allow easier installation and shimming the unit square. For example, a 3'0" X 6'8" door will have a rough opening requirement of 38-1/2" x 83-1/2"
  3. Frame Size: This is the actual size of the unit (W X H) including the frame. For example, a 3'0" X 6'8" door will have a frame size of 37-3/4" x 83"
  4. Outside Brickmould (Masonry Opening): Brickmould is used as a casing around the door. It is moulding around the door frame that covers the gap between the door frame and the exterior part of the brick siding (or any other type of siding, such as vinyl or hardy plank) on the exterior of the home.The outside brickmould measurement is the height and width of the unit with the brickmould in place. For example, a 3'0" X 6'8" door with the standard brickmould will have an outside brickmould dimension of 40-1/4" x 84-1/4".

Note: These dimensions are listed on the product page, along with the full product description, of each door.

Types of Projects

New construction projects are typically the most straight forward. When a customer submits a quote, we will generally respond directly to the quote. We always provide the basic measurements for the door size, frame size, rough opening, and outside brickmould measurements. If over the phone we will generally work with the customer to create a quote and we will then respond. We always request that the customer share the dimensions and specifications with their contractor prior to placing the order.

A project that consists of a replacement door as part of a remodel, is usually responded to with certain conditions regarding the price and lead time quoted. In these types of projects, a new entry door is one of several updates being done to the home. With any quote provided, the assumption is that the standard sized unit will fit the customer’s existing opening, or the customers contractor will be reframing the opening to accommodate the standard dimensions and specifications. If the standard dimensions do not work, we will determine whether the standard unit can be trimmed to work for the project or whether a custom sized unit needs to be fabricated. In either case we will provide a shop drawing for the customer’s review and approval. The expectation is that the customer reviews these details with their contractor. If adjustments are needed, we will provide those and resubmit for review. Once approved, we can proceed with the ordering process and ultimately fabrication of the unit.

A replacement door only project requires additional care and consideration and is one in which we are very diligent. With a replacement door only project we work closely with our customer and their contractor who will be performing the install. When we work with a customer who indicates their project is a replacement door only, we will request information regarding who will be installing the door and suggest we have direct contact with their installation professional. In most cases, much of the initial discussions beyond style are with the customer’s contractor. We typically want to discuss the needs and requirements with their installation professional to ensure a proper fit. We will request the contractor provide the dimensions needed to install the door. This is typically the existing unit’s frame size or outside brickmould dimensions. At times, the customer will have sufficient knowledge and skill to measure their existing unit and install the new door themselves. If there is no installer already engaged to perform the work or we ascertain the customer lacks the knowledge to provide the appropriate measurements, we will recommend the customer obtain a professional installer before we can appropriately quote the project and definitely prior to ordering. We typically will not accept homeowner measurements unless we feel the homeowner is a capable installer and verifies they intend to install the unit themselves. This is for the benefit of our customers, and in most cases our customers appreciate our honesty. The thing we aim to avoid is having a customer order a door then subsequently hiring an installer who determines the door unit won’t fit. This becomes costly, time-consuming, results in delays for the customer’s project and creates frustration for our customers. Once we determine the appropriate measurements, we will produce a shop drawing for our customer to review and approve. The expectation is that the customer reviews these details with their contractor. Once approved, we can proceed with the ordering process and on to fabrication.

Our objective is to help or customer and their contractors order the door correctly the first time. Incorrect orders, returns, reprocessing time, etc. become frustrating and time-consuming for all. We are always very respectful to our customers throughout the process. Whether you are an expert or a homeowner who has never ordered a door before, we are here to walk you through the process. With our process, our assessments, and our open conversation we have a high degree of success providing our customers with top-quality entry doors to fit their needs.

As a disclaimer, this information is not being provided as an aid for a novice to use in measuring for a new door. If you are uncertain about the requirements, please have your professional installation contractor work with us directly. If are unsure and do not have a contractor, we recommend finding a professional installer prior requesting a quote or purchasing. In the event that standard door pricing and lead times are quoted and the customer's contractor then determines a custom size is needed, we will need to re-quote the pricing and lead times as a custom unit. Custom door pricing and lead times always differ from standard.

When ordering, each door is prepped to the customer's provided specifications. The customer assumes all risks of incorrect measurements. A placed order authorizes Grand Entry Doors to furnish the products described and rendered. Grand Entry Doors is only responsible for furnishing and shipping the item as specified on your order. All return shipments at Buyer's risk and expense. For this reason, we desire to help you avoid any incorrect ordering.

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