Clear Flat / Non Bevel Glass

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Grand Entry Doors Clear Flat / Non Bevel Glass


Clear flat, non-beveled glass.

All glass textures are produced using a tempered, double IG (insulated glass) unit to provide safety, security, and energy efficiency. Low-E glass (Low Emissivity Glass) glass better insulates your home by keeping heat from escaping during the cooler months and helps to minimize the heat entering your home during the warmer months.

Privacy Rating: 1
Privacy ratings start at 1, and progress to 9. A privacy rating of 1 means the glass is as clear as possible. A 9-rated glass, however, with maximum obscurity does not mean you cannot see anything at all.  It simply makes it difficult to see anything specific with clarity. A glass insert with a low privacy rating allows lots of light but little privacy; a glass insert with a high privacy rating is closer to being opaque.

Note: Glass will have a safety-logo in the lower corner on each piece of glass in the door. According to the IRC, tempered glass must contain an identifying label. It states that a label must be “acid-etched, sandblasted, ceramic-fired, laser-etched, embossed, or be of a type which, once applied, cannot be removed without being destroyed.”